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Contemporary Christian Play by Ear Training Course



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Learn To Play Contemporary Christian Piano Without Sheet Music

No more waiting for sheet music or someone to show you how to play popular songs you would like to learn for your praise team or choir. I have seen many requests on YouTube asking for the notes for a new song that have been released. Sometimes it takes months for someone to post chords to Christian songs on the internet. With this course you will no longer have to wait on sheet music or posted chords on the internet.

This course will teach you how to hear a song from a cd,mp3, or YouTube and then play it on the keyboard. You can learn this with 2 simple steps:

  • 1.First listen to the base note
  • 2.Second match the chord with the base note

What will you learn from this course:

  • A. How the Play By Ear System works
  • B. How to use the system in live practice in all 12 keys

A booklet in all 12 keys (PDF file) is included with the video.

Note: This course is not recommended for learning gospel music by ear.


Approximately 22 minutes/665MB


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Introduction to Contemporary Christian Chords

This course is designed to teach musicians how to play Contemporary Christian Music with feel and richness. Contemporary Christian Music has a certain style and "sound". The only way to get that sound is by playing suspended chord substitutions. Many of you all ready are playing contemporary Christian songs using major or basic chords. Using basic chords are fine, but limit you in creating that feel and sound in Contemporary Christian Music.
This course is also beneficial to Gospel musicians. As you know a lot of contemporary Christian songs are sung by some of the popular gospel artists. Some of the modern gospel songs use these types of chords. Many of the big chords (jazz chords) used in gospel songs are not appropriate for contemporary Christian songs. You don't always need big chords to sound "Phat"(good). Sometimes "less is more.

What will this course teach you?

  • Suspended 2nd chords, added 2nd chords
  • How to use these chords in 100% of contemporary Christian songs (song samples included)
  • How to use these chords substitutions in hymns
  • How to use suspended chords universally in any of the 12 keys


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