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Approx. run time, 32 minutes

Many beginner musicians have become dependent on using the transpose button during church services. They are unable to transfer chords learned in one key to another key. Transposing on the keyboard is simply playing chords that are relevant to a given key and lowering or increasing its pitch to mirror another key. For example one can play chords relevant to the key of c major and transpose it pitch to sound like E-flat.
Using the transposition button will handicap musicians when only a Hammond B3 organ or an acoustic piano is available. One of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing situation is when a musician walks in a church and find that a Hammond or an acoustic piano is their only option. There is no transpose button on the "Hammond B3" and acoustic piano. You are forced and struggling to play in the original key of the song. If not your visiting choir or psalmist might be singing a few pitches higher or lower than their range if the song on the acoustic piano is not played in the original key.
Some musicians are comfortable with their favorite keys and refrain from learning what was once unpopular keys in Gospel such as D,E,A,B. You can learn how to transpose chords from one key to another without lowering or increasing the pitch of any key using The Number Transposition System.

This course is designed for:

  • The musician who wants to transfer chords from their favorite keys to more difficult ones such as   D,E,A,B
  • Beginners who wants to progress beyond the key of C major.
  • Fear of walking in church and to discover that a Hammond b3 organ or an acoustic piano is your only option to play.
  • A psalmist, choir director, or praise leader want you to play a song that you only know in your favorite key, but want it played in the original key.
  • Learn nice chords from instructional videos taught only in one key, but want to learn them in all 12 keys.

What will you learn from this course?

  • How to transpose using the chromatic method  (bonus)
  • Learn notes and scales in the key of C Major
  • How to use 2 sets of 12 keyboard diagrams to transpose chords in all 12keys(pdf file)
  • How to use transposition chart to transpose chords in all 12 keys(pdf file)


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